Minion: The Build…

Since the protagonist’s model is done (weighted, rigged but will need to be re-done for production), I finished prototyping one of the antagonists for my game. The process to build the antagonist is similar to the process I used to build the main character. The challenge I have with this character is to not make it scary for the target audience…

Currently, this model is being used for testing the rudimentary AI from Unity3d. The AI system currently used isn’t really what I like for production but is perfect for prototyping. This is a still from the attack animation sequence.

concept character

Minion prototype

Coding AI is time consuming & time, is something I don’t have. One of the best things about developing with Unity3d is its community driven asset store! I found this AI solution from that’s perfect for the game I’m working on.

Unfortunately, I can’t fully test the AI system properly yet. NavMesh, a crucial component for AI behavior, isn’t available with the free Unity version. The full version is required to get all the bells & whistles like optimization…go figure!

But that’s OK– one of the time consuming tasks of rigging a biped is DONE! I’m not planning on spending time in animating the movements for this character since this is just for prototyping damage & enemy spawn.

This has allowed me test the game’s damage system as well as the enemy’s spawn system.